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September 13, 2013

Our company and CEO have acquired awards “Top 500 Asia Brand” and “Top 10 (Industry) Innovation Personality in China” separately


Our company, NTT Communications China Co., Ltd. (HQ Location: Shanghai, NTT Com China for short) has been awarded as “Top 500 Asia Brand” in the 8th Asia Brand Ceremony (Sponsor: Asia Brand Association) during September 8th – 10th, as the only foreign enterprise in China.


1. Our company is awarded as “Top 500 Asia Brand”

During the decade of years since our company established in 2004, centered in Shanghai, we have established branches in 10 local cities in China. We provide ICT solutions such as data center services and intra-company system construction for those trans-national enterprises that have business in China. As for the award, the jury highly evaluated us as “ICT solutions service provider who has progressive high-qualified services in China, and who has established its leading standing” in the industry.


2. CEO·Jianming ZHANG is awarded as “Top 10 (Industry) Innovation Personality in China”

Meanwhile, during the “8th Asia Brand Ceremony”, CEO of our company, Jianming ZHANG is awarded as “Top 10 (Industry) Innovation Personality in China”. The jury commented about our CEO·Jianming ZHANG as “an outstanding leader, work for a foreign enterprise in China, who has made contributions for the development of ICT industry as well as the establishment of corporate brand.”


Regard to this award, ZHANG said: “It is the continuous endeavor of our employees over the years, made us obtained the excellent reputation from our customers and partners in the industry, as an enterprise in China. I am very proud of it. From now on, all of our employees would keep working and make further efforts for developments, for services, especially Cloud Service-centric ones, as well as for NTT Com brand recognition.”


*Reference 1: About 8th Asia Brand Ceremony and its awards

  • Asia Brand Ceremony: A yearly event hosted by NPO Asia Brand Association who has researched and evaluated Asian company brands in Hong Kong, and sponsored by Asia Television Limited, China Central Television, Economic Daily China Economic Information, People’s Daily Global Times, etc. Started from 2006, aim to detecting brand appraisals among Asian enterprises and honoring leaders in industries. It is 8th time in 2013, and participating companies mainly come from China, Japan and Korea.
  • Top 500 Asia Brand: As for brand values of Asian enterprises, Asia Brand Association-centered jury would give comprehensive assessments according to independent indexes and select the top 500 each year.
  • Top 10 (Industry) Innovation Personality in China: Similar as Top 500 Asia Brand, Asia Brand Association-centered jury would give assessments, and select leaders who have acquired outstanding achievements from different industries.


*Reference 2: About us

Establishment: October 2004

HQ: Shanghai

Branches and Offices: Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Corporate Representative: CEO Jianming ZHANG


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