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Enterprise DaaS

Reduce Risk

Avoid the cost and uncertainty of deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in-house.

Increase Flexibility

Configure new virtual desktops on-demand and only pay for what you use.

Go Global

Benefit from our world-class cloud infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

Virtual Desktop
Improve Security
Web-based Admin
Enterprise DaaS

Enterprise DaaS frees users from restrictions of time and place. Users can access a desktop anywhere, anytime, enhancing productivity, and boosting operational efficiency.

Choose Our Microsoft Remote Desktop Server Service (Server OS Type):

  • If you need virtual desktop services for a low monthly fee.
  • If your users only need common desktop applications, like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • If you need to provision virtual desktops immediately.

Enterprise DaaS offers a completely secure desktop virtualization environment, based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Server.
Virtual desktops are hosted in our enterprise-class cloud data centers and managed through our web-based portal.
Users access their virtual desktop through our completely secure virtual private network (VPN). Desktop transfers leave no data behind, providing total security for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

Enterprise DaaS is deployed as a cloud platform accessed directly through our Arcstar UNO VPN. This one-stop solution gives you everything you need, from network to cloud, for your desktop infrastructure.
Virtual desktops operate similar to conventional PCs. The service delivers smooth operation, even on narrow bandwidth networks, through the use of the RDP protocol.
Our web-based portal lets you view service status, and change environment settings.

Manage resources easily from our web-based management portal. The portal is also used for managing our other cloud services.


Server OS Type (Microsoft Remote Desktop Server)

Remote Desktop Server OS
Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition 64bit version or Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition 64bit version.

Virtualization System
SBC type (Windows RDS)


2 Cores



Help Desk
Inquiries about operation: Business days: 10:00-17:30(JST).
Trouble notification acceptance 24/7

24/7 monitoring of server.

High-availability (HA) configuration.

For Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition 64bit, Microsoft Office2010 Professional, Plus or Standard is available. If using Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition 64bit, Microsoft Office2013 Professional, Plus or Standard is available.

Anti-virus software for the server (Virus BusterTM Corporate Edition).

Addition or deletion of CPU and memory is possible. Disk can be added in increments of 100GB.

Application virtualization is provided based on Windows RemoteApp function.

Terms of Use — Microsoft RDS

Enterprise DaaS Microsoft RDS requires Arcstar Universal One (UNO) to connect to our cloud data centers. Remote access requires an Internet connection.


Operation Terminal
You must prepare a thin client terminal at each site as an operational terminal. In addition, a remote desktop connection client is required.

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