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SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

Leveraging System Support Strength and Safeguarding Trust with
End-to-end Managed ICT and Security Solution

  • Establish 24x7 monitoring and support for infrastructure and network
  • Provide 24x7 cybersecurity/ security monitoring and expert support/ advice
  • Strengthen corporate IT governance and security readiness by leveraging outsourcing services
  • Improve the reliability and security data center and network
  • One-stop, total-care managed services provided 24x7 monitoring, service desk and onsite support
  • 24x7 security managed services to keep business vigilant for new attacks
  • Reliable and resilient regional network with data center services
  • More efficient and strategic internal IT team operations with dedicated NTT professionals managing ICT and cybersecurity needs
  • Maximized data protection and cyber attack prevention with proactive threat detection and intrusion protection with security managed service
  • Improved services excellence and efficiency with fast and reliable connectivity linking the data center, office and BCP site
SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

Head of System Planning
Mr. Yutaka Imamura

"NTT Communications and NTT Security offered a comprehensive solution that met all our needs. Outsourcing services which can leverage our service and security levels are very important to our business expansion and success. Their ability to understand our challenges and develop the right solution using managed ICT and security services assured us that our business is in the right hands."


Strengthening Corporate IT Governance and Security Readiness by Leveraging External IT Resource

SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, a subsidiary of SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. within SMBC Group, provides high-value services to institutional clients.

The company understands the importance of client excellence and safeguarding client trust. To strengthen its corporate IT governance and security readiness, the company wanted a fast, scalable, secure and reliable ICT infrastructure that included data center services.

The increasing cyberattacks and regulatory scrutiny raised additional concerns for SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong). So, they looked for a holistic approach to safeguard their customers' trust continually. They wanted to keep sophisticated intrusion attacks out and stay a step ahead of new attack techniques. Data resilience was equally important as it enabled them to recover from any attacks fast and allay customer fears.

The company looked for a partner who could provide the right blend of solutions that address all their needs, while freeing the in-house IT team for strategic projects. After an exhaustive search, it found its answer with NTT Communications and NTT Security.


Managed ICT and Security Solution for End-to-end Resilience

NTT Communications and NTT Security worked together to provide a managed ICT and security solution that helped SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) to enable service excellence, improve efficiency and increase customer confidence.

Seamless, Reliable Data Connectivity: A Tier III+ fully redundant data center in Hong Kong housed the company’s important and critical infrastructure systems. These were accessible via a fast and secure dedicated line, offering high availability, business continuity, and stable network performance for local operations. The Hong Kong data center was also connected with the Singapore’s data center via a global seamless network.

One-stop ICT Management: NTT Communications Managed Services provided a one-stop management service for the ICT infrastructure that included24x7 monitoring, service desk, and online/ onsite support.

Safeguarding Trust: NTT Security designed and built a customized security detection and protection solution for both Hong Kong and Singapore offices, backed by the advanced threat detection capabilities of NTT Security SOC (Security Operation Center).

Designed for Threat Mitigation: NTT Security monitored and managed the security infrastructure round-the-clock with online support to improve the company’s security readiness, detect global attack patterns and take proactive actions against imminent attacks for fast recovery.


Seamless Operations with Uncompromised Security for the Modern Business

The new managed ICT solution design maximized efficiency and data resilience, and provided SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) a secure, reliable and fast link to regional operations and data centers. It streamlined operations across all of the company’s areas of operations.

Experts at NTT Communications managed the entire ICT infrastructure, including 24x7 monitoring, help desk, and onsite support around the globe. They freed the company’s in-house IT team to focus on strategic projects and tasks. In addition, the seamless and high-speed connectivity to the regional data center network improved operational resilience.

NTT Security ensured that the company’s ICT infrastructure could withstand new and more sophisticated attacks. The SOC and its Managed Security Services gave SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) round-the-clock protection. Experts from NTT Security validated alerts, eliminated false positives and offered actionable advice for fast incident responses. They improved the company’s ability to respond and recover from attacks quickly, continually minimizing the impact of any attack.

The one-stop, end-to-end managed ICT and cybersecurity solution, which combined the capabilities of NTT Communications and NTT Security, provided a seamless experience for SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong). It allowed the securities company to expand their business, adapt to new market needs and become more competitive, while leaving the operations and its management to NTT professionals.


Company Profile

Name: SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

SMBC Nikko Securities (Hong Kong) Limited is the wholly owned subsidiary of SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. and providing financial service since 2011. As the member of SMBC Group, SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. is one of the leading full-line securities companies in Japan covering all client segments with a broad range of financial products and services through its international network.


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